May 2019 Byliner

May 2019
All-Ohio Excellence in Journalism Awards June 7
Amy McGahan
Join us at the House of Blues for our annual All-Ohio Excellence in Journalism Awards Ceremony on Friday, June 7. This program has sold out for the last five years, with journalists and communications professionals from across the state to join in camaraderie and celebration of winning work across a variety of categories.

This year's winners have been notified and seats are filling fast. Purchase your tickets today. Sponsorships are still available as well. Contact to learn more. I hope to see you there!

Amy McGahan
Managing Director of Dix & Eaton
and President of The Press Club of Cleveland
Board Perspective: Vigilance Against Disinformation
by Bob Rosenbaum
Heights Observer Project Co-Chair
and Vice President of The Press Club of Cleveland

According to recent news reports (including this one from Politico), the fake news cycle of the 2020 election is well underway.

For media pros, spotting malicious disinformation may be second nature. But most people don’t know what to look for. When someone in my social network passes along fake news, I point it out and provide this simple list of clues. Feel free to share it with your non-media friends – no attribution required.

Five simple tests to identify fake news

  1. Check your emotions. Disinformation is designed to play off your biases. The stronger your emotional reaction is, the more likely it is that you’re being manipulated. Don’t share it yet.
  2. Check the date. Fake news is often published without a date so it just keeps circulating. If there’s no date, don’t share it.
  3. Identify the publisher. If you don’t recognize and trust the news source, don’t share before doing a Google search to find out more about it. Legitimate media companies are easy to find; that’s their business.
  4. Consider the reporter’s sources. If there are no sources cited, don’t share. If the sources are unnamed, pay attention to how they’re described. Legitimate media will usually provide some context to demonstrate why an unnamed source is credible. Absent such context, assume it’s fake. 
  5. Search for corroborating reports. If you’re still unsure after all that, it's your responsibility to do more footwork before sharing. Look for other versions of the story on Google. If you find any, make sure they’re independently reported – and not just someone else citing the same story. No corroboration? Don’t share it.

Still not sure? Then assume it’s fake. Even if it turns out to be real, nobody will be harmed if they don’t hear it from you first. 
Meet our New Members

Join us in extending a hearty welcome to the following people who have become new members of the Press Club of Cleveland in 2019.

  • Angelo Angel, Photojournalist and Print Freelance Contributor
  • Ed Carroll, Staff Reporter, Cleveland Jewish News
  • Nick Castele, Reporter, ideastream
  • Sunniva Collins, Associate Professor, CWRU
  • Jenny Febbo, VP Integrated Communications, Cuyahoga Community College
  • Jordyn Grzelewski, Reporter, The Plain Dealer
  • Joel Hammond, Social Engagement Director, Adcom
  • Joe Kubic, CEO, Adcom
  • Clyde Miles, EVP, Account Director, Adcom
  • Scott Noll, Investigative Reporter, WEWS
  • Kelly Petryszyn, Managing Editor, Baker Media Group
  • Ian Rubin, News Director, WOIO-WUAB TV
  • Stacey Vaselaney, President, SLV Public Relations LLC

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